About Me

contact me: iurshaj@gmail.com | instagram.com/insaugram
Thank you for clicking this section. I mean, who I am until you're willing to know further about me. My name is Ins but you can call me Honey (ok you can leave me from now on). Now I'm in the State University of Surabaya and yeah ... sadly 7th semester :(
How thesis is so stressful but coming back to this blogging and coding in contrary, SO MUCH FUN! My last post was 2015 (yes yes yes. i know im baddd) that's why I repaired this and fingercrossed, I'm gonna post here regularly

I'm nobody but an art's lover. If you ask me do I love photography? I'll reply YAS! Do I love videography? I'll reply everynight I search Youtube to get references how to cut-rolling-action. Do I love drawing? I'm not a master but I love digital illustration, and yes, I'm a freelance digital illustrator. Do I love writing? To be noted that I'm the part of beloved Tintaksara (writing community in my class) and we already released two anthology books. Do I love fashion? Please, after this question don't force me to choose between fashion/makeup because ... BOTH ARE MY TREASURE