Rajegwesi-Sarongan-Sukamade: We Came Back! (part 1)

Hello, Blog, we meet again. Sorry for leaving you irresponsibly you know right just to get some sleep in the night I am not able to. This year is not going to be over but it definitely gives me sooooo many roller coaster stories of life (singing one direction).

I will graduate, I fought with test, I'm running my (jerk) thesis, I'm working, I'm ... tourguiding! Yas. This last choice is what I'll tell you in sooooo long post.

*) Disclaimer: This won't be short

So it began when I officially opened baby beige tour agency and I called Pak Poer we shared many things ended up he invited me to re-visit Rajegwesi and yes ... of course I said yes.

Sarongan-Rajegwesi-Sukomade, Banyuwangi are like my half soul. I loooooove them more than I love my city of birth, Surabaya (wait. what. do i love surabaya at the first place? ok. let's say yes. i do.)

The decision was not going well. Me, Wiwit, Mayank needed to wait some other friends to get the tickets. When, where, how everything mixed and so confusing. It's like ... hhhhhh I was so frustated. The hell. Just cancel all. Done.

But no.

You know? Somebody said, I just wanna see what will happen if I don't give up. I hold it ... then show must go on.

We got ONLY three tickets. No, not because it was out. But, those "some other friends" decided not to join. WHY. WHY WE COULDN'T BE FORECASTERS SO WE KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN WITHOUT WAITING. W H Y.

Whatever. Welcome to our-used-to-be-45-days-internship-place. Banyuwangi.

We arrived on Saturday in the night once we saw Pak Poer was waiting for us ... we ran and hugged him so tight! HUWAAA THAT GUY. We couldn't believe we met him again. Met Banyuwangi again. So exciting. Yet so throbbing. Really? Are we back? Really? That ticket office again? Really? Sea-turtle again? Really?

After that-so-long in the train, we had to wait one more time in the jeep to reach Rajegwesi. 2,5 hours more. 7+2,5. I was blessed I didn't die.

Selamat Datang di Taman Nasional Meru Betiri Banyuwangi

Welcome to Meru Betiri National Park Banyuwangi

"Yeaaaaaaay" That was the first wordok i know not even wordfirst expression we spoke up loudly! We arrive! We arrive!

The feeling was ... @)+-#/"?/;!"&*

Because we planned to give surprise to Mas Ridho, Mas Mugi, Devri, All rangers in Sukamade, All officers that's why we're beyond excited

Untill Mayank revealed she texted Mas Ridho that morning and kind of 'hint' for Mas Ridho we were coming.

O shit

And yes.

The first one we visited was Mas Mugi and he spied us through the window so ... WE FAILED TO YELL, "SURPRISEEE!" Damn. He knew already. Argh

It was 12 in the midnight. Too tired to be true. We went to bed.

The next day? What would happen? Travelling always brings you to unexpected stories. Always.

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