Rajegwesi-Sarongan-Sukamade: Those Bule were So Nghh (part 2)

We only walked around in Rajegwesi and tried to give surprise to the ticket officers. We're sure this time will be successful! We're sure! Really!

They presented us ikan bakar, nasi, sambal and we ate together. How come we don't feel like family??? Huhuhu they all are lovely.

We still enjoyed the view, the next plan was we would be visiting Pantai Sungapan in the evening. Approximately at 4 we went to. And ...

In front of a shop there was a pickup truck of Honda motor with some bule eating (HAHA i still remember how it was how the way they ate breads so savage)

Pak Poer: (to the driver) Onok opo, Bos?? What's going on, Boss??

The Driver: Ikilo mau aku ketemu nang tengah dalan ate nang Sukamade cuman wes tak omongi sak isokku ae lek gak nutut yowes. I met them on the way they want to go to Sukamade I will go with them but I told them as long as I can

Pak Poer: Wah. Medane ilo. Gak isok sampeyan. Temen. Sido entek akeh ndandani motore kantor. Wah. The road is tough. I'm sure you are not able to. Too risky. That's your office's truck

Then the guy-full-of-hair cut of Pak Poer and the driver's conversation. Ok. Not really cut off. Pak Poer asked them first. But that hairy guy so-called-leader was tempted to avoid Pak Poer. The feeling is mutual. Understood. Being traveller will always meet random people we must be careful of. That's not because of Pak Poer neither those bule. That's just because of the atmosphere. The moment. Traveller needs 'shield' haha whatever, Ins

My first impression of them. Allll of those bule were ... geez c'mon. I met a lot of bule but none closer to these. Why are they so rude? Don't wanna smile to the people inside the jeepto us. Though to Pak Poer who's talking to them. C'mon, Pak Poer. Just finished the conversation if this gonna go nowhere. I want Pantai Sungapan. I don't care about not-smiling-people. And that hairy guy ... ya ya ya. I know your eyes are so dreamy blue. But. Ah. We just wanna inform you the reality. We are not liar. C'mon, Pak Poer. Leave them! Go!

Hahaha YES. EXACTLY I MEMORIZE HOW MY THOUGHT WAS. But hey, it's not my fault. They first. They didn't smile. They avoided Pak Poer. They self-defense. And ... they like were thinking that inside the jeep unless Pak Poer just didn't understand what they are talking about.

Wit, talk to them as you did in internship. You were so happy, no? HAHA. I teased her. I just wanted everything go clear. Done. Finished. Wiwit answered me with her wriggle in the seat. So funny. In the afternoon we just talked about how she felt silly used to be so happy welcoming international guests then in the evening we met one-more-time international guests. Fate?

None of us wanted to be into the conversation between Pak Poer and that gangster. But I was annoyed by their that-not-smiling-expression plusss not-going-to-anywhere debate. So I came into.

Me: Hi, where are you from?? (((trying to be friendlytourguide promise))) (still with my wide smile and crispy voice)


Suddenly they change the expression. Kind of oh wow another person speaking english

The guy with unstopped move and rather hairy answered me first: Ah, hello! Germany!

Me: Ahhh, Germany! (my old me was called. i used to study their language but only in basic level) Gutten tag. Ich bin Ins (still. that wide smile isnt allowed to be gone)


That so hairy yet dreamy blue eyes guy going into our talk and didnt-know-how be suddenly so friendly. Are you sure, bro?

So hairy guy: Haha. Who? Ins?

Me: Yes. Ins. So you wanna go to Sukamade?

Rather hairy guy: Yes yes. We wanna go there we met this driver on the way and he said yes wants to accompany us

Me: It's impossible you just have no idea how the

Suddenly the blonde hair guy who didn't want to join at the first place ... joined. Dreamy blue eyes. Again.

Ah, I can't.
Blue, green, grey, transparant ... no I'm kidding. Blue, green, grey eyes are my weakness. I. JUST. CAN'T

That blonde-hair-another-blue-eyes guy joined. Waving like welcoming me.

Wait. What. It should've been me welcoming them. Ok. Next.

Our welcoming-each-other conversation was over and so hairy guy continued his defense with Pak Poer (now im laughing)

Him: Jeep will be so expensive. We will give him (honda driver) two hundred thousands. And jeep ... four times more. So just no.

Pak Poer: But really. I guarantee this truck is impossible. Okay, okay, you just have no idea how the road is. Let's go by your choice and I will follow you all. If something will be getting worse, go by my jeep. The price is worth

Him: No, no, just ok. We trust him.

Pak Poer was displeasure because ... really. No one trusted him. Yes. The road is ... abcdefghijk

Pak Poer: (to us inside the jeep) Duh, rek, ageh rek. Omongono ilo. Iki gak mungkin mampu pickup e. Westa. Malah rusakkk ilo. Omongono ageh. Daripada mudun tengah dalan. Guys, c'mon. Explain to them. The road is just not for this truck. It would be worst thing if they're stuck before reaching the place

Me: Tapi, Pak Poerrr mereka udah gak mau ilo. Yaudah lah. But, Pak Poerrr they just don't listen to us. Let them be

Pak Poer: Ojo to. Ageh to omongono. Don't be like that. C'mon explain to them.

Hhh ... Then I tried one more time. I swore: If this will be unsuccessful. I give up. I. Really. Don't. Care.

Me: (remember. still with wide smile and tourguide attitude) So this guy, Pak Poer said you cannot go by this truck. Too risky. The road is just no

So hairy blue eyes guy: That's ok. We trust him.

The blonde-hair-blue-eyes guy: Yes. We trust him.

The others: Yes yes yes


I turned my voice louder. I. Was. Done.

Me: It's not about him. It's the car.

They laughed.

Hey, hellooo what are you guys laughing at???

Me: Yea. Really. I'm serious.

The blonde: Ya that's ok we can go by this truck


Pak Poer: Ok, ok, just go. We will follow you. You just don't know how it is


We turned back the jeep and Pak Poer followed them. "Sorry, girls, we can go to Pantai Sungapan later haha"
"Uff Pak Poer ... well then"

The bule gangster stopped by the ticket office and talked to another guy. I'm not sure. The driver or local guy?

Someone summoned Pak Poer and informed those bule decided to stay one night in Pak Poer's homestay because Pak Poer said before, too dark to go up to Sukamade.

WELL DONE. Time to pack our stuffs because our room would be taken over. Claps claps

No. We were ok.

We cancelled Pantai Sungapan, we cancelled watching soccer competition of Mas Mugi, we cancelled sleeping in that room. My feeling was just ok. I was not angry. Ya ... just ok. Pak Poer's Raflesia Homestay is just meant to be. To be the rooms for guests, not us. Haha. Alllll cancelled and turned into negotiation-saying hi-introduction talkshow. After (sequel) debate between that so-hairy-guy-yet-dreamy-blue-eyes vs Pak Poer about the price package, they went to swim to Pantai Rajegwesi. I still remember what was the first question (actually second question hehe) from one and only girl of that gangster to me:

"Ah, sorry. Is that ok to wear bikini here?"

And me, Wiwit, Mayank be like ............. silent for a year. Is this even a question?

My sight and Wiwit's united. We sent signal through the blink. Is that ok right? This is beach of course we can wear swimsuit. How to answer this. I'm confused. Help me.

"Y-ya ... ok, of ... course ok. Why not?"

"Ah, really? Are you sure? Because I went to another place and they said I couldn't wear bikini. 'No bikini, no bikini,' they said."

"Aha. Understood. But here is okay. Go on."

"Well, thank you."

We threw smiles. They left.

We never suspected that evening would jump to another story. What we knew ... they were just regular guests and done.

No. We're wrong.


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