Rajegwesi-Sarongan-Sukamade: Sea Turtle's Track?! (part 3)

In the middle of our own world, those bule came back from swimming. We just welcomed them commonly, "Nice? How?" and ... wide smile. Still.

These Indonesian girls didn't care at all—we too rude hehehe, ok not at all, just didn't care because our mission here was for giving surprise and exploring. No more being tourguides, no more being rangers, no more working. No. No more.

But that rather hairy guy started conversation: Hi!

Us: Hiii (i know our voice was so annoying because we replied simultaneously) (((and too cheerful)))

"So are you all tourguides here?"

"We ... used to be!"

"Ah, I see. And now? What are you doing?" Killing people. Of course vacation. Duh. Aha, anyway, before this talk we had quick conversation in the evening right after they touched down Raflesia. I still remember the most unforgettable question came from that blonde hair yet dreamy blue eyes guy.

"So, are you all the sisters of this Raflesia Homestay's owner?"

We were like ....... ???

"We used to be interns here, in this national park."

"Ah really??"

"Yes. As tourguides. We worked in the ticket office you met before, and the conservation. For forty five days."

"Aha. So you aren't his family, are you? Right?"

Wiwit explained, "But we were here for one and half month."

"Yes, yes. Forty five days," added Mayank.

"So in this village ... we all are family!" I expressed happily.

You know? All members of that gangster did respond, "Aha we see!"

We thought the explaination was clear until that blonde hair blue eyes suddenly enquired, "Ar-are you kidding or serious ...?"


We were silent for a millenium ………………

In this village we all are family

Are you kidding or serious?





"HAHAHAHA!" We three were laughing. So sorry. We knew that was mean. But ... ok, ok, stop. "I make it clear. Because we did internship that long ... that's why we feel like family ... doesn't mean all in this village are family ...."

"Yes, they are feeling like family," so hairy blue eyes guy ensured.

"Ah-ha ha ... ok then," the blonde guy scratched his not itchy head.

We couldn't stop giggling. Are you kidding or serious?

So innocent. Checked. That was our first impression towards that blonde hair blue eyes guy. Period.

Back to the intro talkshow among us and rather hairy guy.

"You still remember my name? I introduced in the jeep the first time we met!"

"I think ya, wait ... wait ... let me think."

"Uff c'mon. Only one syllabel."

"I ... I ... ah, I who? Wait."

"C'mon! C'mon! Ins!"


"Ok understood, difficult to remember because doesn't remind you of anything. So, Ins is just my nickname. The real name is ... because back then AL-WAYS. When I introduced myself to international tourists, as my name is Insani ... they always pronunced it, 'Ah? In ... sane?' then my friends laughed. Ever since that time I made my nick. INS."

"So to remember you, remember insane. I just realised why I don't have nickname hmm ..."

"What's your name?"


"Johan, then."

"Not baaad ..."

We laughed. For Indonesia that's so usual to have nickname and usually Johannes becomes Johan or Jo or Han or hey you.

"Hey, if you wanna sit down here, just sit down!" I offered my seat then walked in the bathroom. I left that rather hairy guy, Wiwit, Mayank.

When I was back, Johannes, rather hairy guy, turned into so hairy guy. He questioned us confusing case. He saw sea-turtle's track! In Rajegwesi Beach! Oh no, that beach is not meant to be that thing.
We told him it might be a motor track, but he was sure it's not, we grabbed a piece of small paper then we drew how sea-turtle's track should've been. But he said yes. That blue eyes hairy guy was sure that what he saw absolutely a sea-turtle's track and he was lucky for seeing it. In the evening. In Rajegwesi.

And here, three of used to be sea-turtle's rangers, were dragged to the same belief. May be it's nature may be it's Maybelline ... until that blue eyes guy showed his fingers in u-shape and said, "This size."

We. Lost. Our. Belief. We. Sure.

"Nooo ... that's not sea-turtle!"

"Ah, you sure? Baby ... sea-turtle ... might b"

"NO. There's no such a thing baby sea-turtle in a beach. NO. That was crab."

"Ah ... really ...?" YES. Sorry, Friend. Reality hurts.

But he's still sure what he believed in. I know, it's not about the fact, it's all about the belief.

Another dreamy blue eyes guy came. "So ... are you guys still doing ... introduction?"

"Ah yes. Kind of." Those blue-blue giggled. We smiled.

"Debating sea-turtle track." I cut off.

"Sea-turtle ..."

"We saw this evenin"

"Ah ya! Got it! Yes. Sea-turtle track"

"NOOO!" We screamed. "It's just crab. Sea-turtles are one meter size!"

"Ah, really?"


"Baby ..."

"Ya I said baby sea-turtle ..."

"No, no, no, there's no baby reaching the shore. All must be the mothers. For laying the eggs."

"Ah, ok, it might be a crab"


"You sure?"

"Yes." We were rangers. Remember. (smirk)

By memory, the talk immediately was taken over by another dreamy blue eyes blonde hair. He asked one by one our name, ended up me ... "Ins"


"How do you know???"

"I listened to."

"Hmm, how to name this kinda people, Bit?" I asked Wiwit.

"Eaves ... d-dro ..."

"Yes, yes, eavesdroppers." That blonde agreed.

"Yaa, eavesdroppers!" Wiwit remembered.

"You are." I labeled that guy.

"Hahaha ya, no, not really. I just listened and I think that's funny. So ... hi, Insane!"

Everybody laughed. Uff. But ya. Just-met-people need the trigger to remember my name.

"Ins. I am."

"What's your name?" Mayank investigated.


"Fun fact. That's our famous snack."

"Ah really???"

"Yas. But Chitos though."

"Ehm, ehm, how to spell your name anyway?" Wiwit realised.


"AHHH ..." We realised simultaneously. Ok. That's not snack then.

"I thought c-h-i-t-u-s."

"Ahaha, no."

"Okay, Titus. Hi!"

Flowing, flowing, the conversation was flowing to maaany things! From habits to cultures, from words to Arabic.

"You can read this, right?" He pointed a Quran surah hanging on the wall.

"Yesss." Mayank replied.

"How how?"

Then we all paid attention to Mayank reading that Ayat Kursi surah which is well-known among moslems.

"What does it mean?" That guy pointed a word.

Ding dong. We're stuck.

What does it mean? What does it mean?

We study Quran not Arabic.


"We ... don't know ...?"


"We know the whole meaning but not one by one word." Wiwit made clear.

"Yes, yes." Mayank ensured.

I kept silent.

"Ah? How come? You can read?"


"You can write?"


"You cannot translate?"


"How come?" I don't even know how come. Great question. Yet stabbing.

"Yaaa ... because we study Quran ... uhm, our moslems holy book"

"I know." He clarified quickly like ... of course I know Quran is whose holy book.

Wiwit continued, "Ya, hehehe, that's the reason. We have to do everything relates to Islam in Arabic. But we don't study Arabic."

Finally I walked into this Islam Islam things, "Quran and Arabic are different languages."

"Aha ... I see ..."


Finally I continued the talk to dream. Hehehe. I was too sleepy to be true. Then I said see you and looked for my in-front-of-tv bed. Blam. I went to Arabian. By dream.

I didn't know how, suddenly I wokep up in the daze. Sleepy as hell but couldn't sleep anymore but sleepy but confused but conscious but sleepy. I ran to the bathroom and went back to bed ... failed. So I walked dizzily to guest room, tried to be calm, sat down the sofa. Heard everyone was still in the terrace talking preoccupiedly. Blinked ... blinked ... I scratched my not itchy hand. Blinked ... blinked ...

"Hey! You woke up?"

"Ahahaha ..." I laughed awkwardly. That (I thought rude) so hairy guy greeted me. He's fine actually ... hmm

I wanted to get mingled with anybody else but I didn't wanna be stranger (?) so I sat on the floor in front of the door.

Blinked ... blinked ...


Then everybody greeted me asked me whether I was conscious or not.

In the half of consciousness, that another dreamy blue eyes started talking to me, that blonde guy. I am not really sure but the talk was going abstract haha from bahasa to ghost. He was allured to learn Bahasa Indonesia, it's easy to follow, he told. Or basically he learns everything? Sometimes Mayank and Wiwit let him sleep because he looked exhausted but he didn't wanna stop storytelling.

Storyteller. Checked. Our second impression towards him.

"Ah, I think now I have to go to bed."

"We said ..."

"Bye, everyone."

No bule remained. Just we Indonesians.

I only knew two names of them.

"Unless Titus, the rest are easy to pronunce. Laura and Martin."

"Ah, that I thought leader and rude hairy guy is Martin ..."

"Yes, he is nice actually."


 Continued the talk and plan for tomorrow.

Teluk Ijo. Green Bay.

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