Hello, readers! (I hope Im having still the readers)

About 3 a. m. I opened my temlen and @aMrazing suddenly mentioned Uje's name. Ohye, first I introduce you if Uje was a famous ustaz in Indonesia. If you are Indonesian, this explanation just unnecessary anymore.

Ustaz Jeffry has a nick "Uje".
Insani Ursha Jannati-yes meeeee-has a similar nick, "UJ". I hope you understood where that name come from.

Every day, many friends mentioned me with "Uje". Yes..

And when @aMrazing tweeted that, my-deepest-soul-called-suddenly.

"Ha? Why?"
Then I scrolled again..

The-terhenyak-moment-sungguh-terhenyak saat hampir seisi temlen mencari kebenaran isu meninggalnya Uje.
And? That was really very so too true!
Uje had passed away........

Everybody tweeted, "RIP Uje", "Semoga tenang, Uje", "Semoga diterima amal dan ibadahnya, Uje", like that!

You know whata mean?????

Uje is my nickname!!
Everybody prayed on my name! Everybody was sad!

Didnt you know what I felt this morning????
1. Ok. Uje didnt know me
2. Uje wasnt my uncle etc
3. Uje didnt know if our name is similar
4. I havent met him yet
5. Oke.
6. But that feeling.....
7. Double feelings!
8. First I shocked that Uje passed away
9. Second I speechless everyone RIP-ed my name
10. I dont know how to tell further..............

 And this. My laaast ava-joke. Either has passed away. Waitin time......... :")


"Uje" its my nick in highschool. I read  timeline and everyone said Uje (ustaz Jeffry) passed away. I really shocked because Uje's wife just had a program few days ago with  smiley-face then I felt like I was a soul who scrollin timeline read my name was mentioned.
Worst feeling on A. M.!


pasti teman2 Ins pada kaget ya? ya semoga alm. Ustad UJ diterima di sisi-Nya dan keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberi ketabahan


Temen-temen???? Kaget?????
Yang ada malah ngerjain.... -___-*

Kok ustadz UJ, Kak? Uje = ustadz Jeffry, looooh.... Haha.


Kind words come from kind heart